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A Quiet Life

A Quiet Life is a winter novel about three divergent people who live in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Chuck is a 70-something grieving widower who can’t forgive himself for an argument he’d had years ago with his wife. He is trying to decide whether he will go on their annual trip to Hilton Head alone this year. 40-something Ella delivers Chuck’s morning paper and also works in a bridal shop. She is recently divorced and lost her house, and struggles to get through each day ever since her ex-husband stole her daughter a few months ago. 20-something Kirsten has been working at an animal shelter instead of attending Veterinary School because the random murder of her father at a gas station has left her bereft and unmoored. She begins to heal as she experiences romantic feelings for two of the men she works with, and meets Chuck at an animal adoption event. One night Kirsten goes skiing with her boss, David:

“She loves being out on a night like this, so many stars above them, the cold air hitting her face, and she remembers: this is why she loved ski club those years ago….When else can you be out in the open for so long like this in winter, high up and soaring, nothing between you and the giant moon and sky?”

Author Ethan Joella developes these three characters with sensitivity and grace and when they come together, it’s beautiful and heart-warming seeing them support each other. This is a great winter story to read or listen to. Happy winter friends!

Hardcover 304 pages, Audiobook (recommended!) 8 hours, 41 minutes


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