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Happy Independent Bookstore Day!

I LOVE bookstores. Whenever I plan to travel I do some research first to find out where the local bookshops are and always visit at least one of them. No matter how small my suitcase I always leave a little room for bookstore purchases. Stepping into a bookstore fills me with such joy and excitement; it's difficult to know where to start looking for my next read! If I'm in the mood for a novel I start with the "staff picks" because people who work in bookshops know great books when they read them. If I am not in need of fiction (i.e. my "to be read" pile is too mountainous to add to) I will check out some of my favorite non-fiction sections: music, self-development, memoir, history, psychology, neuroscience and women's studies. When my husband starts giving me the raised-eyebrow look, I know it's time to go (but always whisper, "OK 10 more minutes!") and make the difficult decision about which books to buy, and which to reluctantly leave for my next bookstore purchase. Ever since my daughters were little, I always took them to the local bookstore to choose a book, whenever we were on a family trip (I still do!) I wanted them to grow up to love books and to value independent bookstores as much as I do. Do you love bookstores too? What are some of your favorites? I love hearing recommendations for bookstores all over the world.

Pictured above: 1- My daughter Kylie standing in front of the infamous Shakespeare and Co. in Paris. 2 - Pages Bookstore in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 3- G. David Bookstore in Cambridge, England. 4 - The American Book Center in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 5 - Kramer Books in Washington, D.C. 6 - Village Books in Bellingham, Washington. I have many more bookstore photos I will share with you. And tomorrow I will share my books about bookstores!


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