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Little Wishes

"When she awoke from a fitful sleep, early before the sun had broken the monotony of the dark sky, she left her bedroom to find an atmosphere of regret hanging over the house." Michelle Adams, Little Wishes

Two older adults reunite after a 50-year interruption of their intense relationship. Each year Tom leaves a flower and a wish--which is in actuality a regret about the life he didn't get to share with Elizabeth--at Elizabeth's doorstep, until this year. When Elizabeth decides to investigate why he did not leave his yearly wish, she discovers that Tom is ill; since they are both widows, she takes it upon herself to become his caregiver, and to try to make as many of his past wishes come true as possible.

Though romance is not my usual genre, I do enjoy reading books that portray older adults as vibrant, loving and sexual, beings. Little Wishes by Michelle Adams was enjoyable, with a shared history revealed bit by bit, a couple juicy secrets, some painful betrayals, eventual forgiveness, and a deep, enduring love.

"Defiance wavered as she looked up to see that the shop looked clean and professional, but she still wasn't sure. 'Well, I'll come and have a look, but I'm not making any promises. A tattoo at my age; who'd have thought it?'"

Hardcover 392 pages, Audiobook 9 hours 28 minutes.


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