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Mornings With Rosemary

Novice journalist Kate is sent to interview Rosemary regarding her feelings about the closing of a public outdoor swimming pool, called The Lido. Rosemary has been swimming there for 80 years, and The Lido holds many precious memories of her and her late husband swimming there during and beyond business hours, throughout their lives. By virtue of her growing friendship with Rosemary, Kate realizes that The Lido is a vital part of their Brixton, London community, and together with her photographer/love interest and Rosemary, she spearheads a movement to save it. In the process, Kate finds some relief from her crippling panic attacks, and Rosemary gains a new set of devoted friends. This is the kind of cross-generational story I usually love, however the story rehashed the same emotional issues over and over again, and I found myself getting bored during the second half of the book. For readers more patient than I, it might be just the thing for your summer read! ⭐⭐⭐/5 in our Goodreads community group "Ripe Reads." Paperback 336 pages, Audiobook 9 hours, 18 minutes. (*Note* In the UK this book is entitled The Lido)


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