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Nobody Will Tell You This But Me

This is a funny and thoroughly enjoyable memoir by the author Bess Kalb through the collected words of her grandmother. Nobody Will Tell You But Me: A True (As Told To Me) Story, is about three generations of women who navigate the world as best they can as women in America. The family stories and secrets that are revealed resonate across cultures, but it might be most fun for women with Brooklyn Jewish relatives who will recognize a grandmother's criticisms, rants, warnings and scoldings as true, abiding love. This book made me laugh out loud (I do have Brooklyn Jewish relatives!) and cry, and I would heartily recommend the audiobook to get the author's inflections. Hardcover 224 pages, Audiobook 4 hours, 21 minutes ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5 on our Goodreads Ripe Reads group


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