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Oh William!

Elizabeth Strout has written another wonderful novel featuring mature adults. This is the third in the Amgash Series (for the town in which they live- Amgash, IL). I loved My Name is Lucy Barton, and liked Anything is Possible, but you do not need to read those two books in order to enjoy Oh William! which I believe is the best Elizabeth Strout novel of all (Including her two Olive Kitteridge books). On her website Strout says:

It is not “good” or “bad” that interests me as a writer, but the murkiness of human experience and the consistent imperfections of our lives.

— Elizabeth Strout

Oh William! delves into the troubled histories of recently and painfully widowed Lucy and her ex-husband William, as she accompanies him on a road trip to support him in his time of need to learn more about his mother's past. It explores the complexities and ironies of relationships, and as always, remains hopeful and good-humored.

Hardcover 240 pages, Audiobook 7 Hours ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5 on Goodreads - join our RipeReads group for more book recommendations featuring mature adults. Order it below on Amazon or at your local bookstore!


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