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Our Souls at Night

I recently listened to and read Our Souls at Night about an older couple who fall in love in their 70s. I enjoyed it and also felt frustrated at the meddlesome children who try to sabotage the relationship. Here is the summary from Kirkus Reviews:

"Here’s how it opens: 'And then there was the day when Addie Moore made a call on Louis Waters.' Addie is 70, a widow, and she was close with Louis’ late wife. She and Louis don’t really know each other that well, other than as nodding acquaintances, but she has a novel proposition: she wants him to sleep with her. Not to have sexual relations, but just to have someone with whom she can talk and share and make it through the night. He appreciates the risk she's taken in making the request, and he agrees, though on their first night he's filled with thoughts of 'How strange this is. How new it is to be here. How uncertain I feel, and sort of nervous.' Word gets out, and those who will gossip do, assuming the salacious details. Addie and Louis both have adult children who aren’t enthusiastic about the arrangement. And they each have a back story about the sorts of disappointments and perseverance that mark any longstanding marriage. Through Addie’s initiative, she and Louis find an emotional intimacy beyond anything either has previously known, and both come to recognize that they 'deserve to be happy,' no matter what friends and family think."

Addie and Louis are likable characters who find solace in each other's company, later in life. Our Souls at Night was a cautionary tale about not letting your adult children take over your life while you still have one!


Dear Reading Buddies!

I started RipeReads during the pandemic, and it was a great project that helped get me through the dark days of lockdown. I hope it helped you as well! These days, however, I am doing lots of new projects that are time consuming, and I am listening to podcasts and reading lots of other types of literature that don't really fit with my RipeReads theme. Though I still LOVE to read novels and non-fiction of interest to older adults, I am doing less of it. So I have decided to not renew this website, and instead to post my occasional reviews on my RipeReads instagram account - my RipeReads Facebook account - I also post on Goodreads - This has been a super fun project and I am sad to let it go, but we all need to keep exploring and learning new things in order to continue to grow. My domain expires on February 15th, so you will not see my posts much beyond then. I hope to see you on Instagram and Facebook! I'm always excited to get book recs so if you post a book review on IG or FB tag me so I will be sure to read it! Best wishes and happy reading in 2024! With love, Gaili


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