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Sacred Spaces

SACRED SPACES: Everyday people and the Beautiful Homes Created Out of Their Trials, Healing and Victories. By Carley Summers. Releasing April 18, 2023

“I need to be surrounded by things I love.”

I get inspired looking at photography books of beautiful home interiors. Sacred Spaces goes beyond the coffee table décor book, showcasing 14 homes and their owners, all of whom have suffered great emotional adversity. The designer/photographer/author Carley Summers tells her story of recovery from addiction and alcoholism, then goes on to share stories from around the world of gorgeous homes and their owners who created sanctuaries for healing within them.

“I think everyone needs a corner of their home where they can just dream.”

Some of the stories are religious, some spiritual, some are about healing from abuse, trauma, abandonment or self-doubt, but all end with the solace of a home filled with beauty and grace. The styles of décor are as varied as the storytellers, each with special touches that express the personality of its inhabitants, from minimalist to ornate.

“The end result is so satisfying—taking something that was tarnished and dirty and making it shiny and beautiful.”

Some of my favorite homes were located in Wayne, Pennsylvania, Bath, England, Los Angeles, California, Arles, France, and Essaouira, Morocco, a small beach town I was fortunate to visit and deeply loved. Each owner shares their gathered wisdom in order to inspire and help others to grow, learn, get creative and move forward.

“It’s whole, filled with everything that matters: friends, family, beautiful textiles—everything is in there.”

I recommend Sacred Spaces to all who love to gaze at interiors and to create calm and beauty and a sense of freedom in their own homes. Out Tuesday!

“Finally I have a home full of life and love.”

Hardcover 304 pages

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