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Snap Out of It

‘“How can you believe in the Heartbreak Bunny and also in romance?’ He shrugs. “I contain multitudes.”’

60-year-old Billie has had three marriages and more than her share of heartbreak. She and her friend come up with an idea for a business one night while they are drunk. As a performance art piece, Billie will dress up as The Heartbreak Bunny, and will help jilted lovers heal their broken hearts by removing all vestiges of their ex-lovers from their homes. The business, called Snap Out of It, skyrockets when one of her performances goes viral, and Billie becomes famous for her services, her wise advice, and her magic rituals. Billie’s perfectionist daughter Louise, who is a wildly popular Instagram influencer, is mortified by Billie’s costume and business, especially as she is struggling with her own disintegrating marriage.

“…[Louise's] disdain for clutter and chaos is a direct, conscious repudiation of my personality.”

Meanwhile Billie’s nightmare first ex-husband Victor (Louise’s father) suddenly re-emerges after his second wife dies, and wants to have a relationship with their daughter and reunite their family.

Though the description sounds wacky and possibly ridiculous, I truly loved this book by veteran writer Maddie Dawson. It was intelligent, wise and funny, and I thoroughly enjoyed every page! Just releasing today!

Paperback 367 pages, Audiobook 12 hours.


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