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Swan Light

From the publisher:

"A sweeping, emotional tale of hope and perseverance, Swan Light weaves together the stories of two people separated by a century but connected by family, purpose, and one extraordinary lighthouse.

1913. Eighty-three-year-old Silvestre Swan has dedicated his life to the care of his Newfoundland lighthouse. His petition to relocate Swan Light from its precarious cliff’s edge is going unheard by town patriarch Cort Roland—that is, until a terrible storm brings an unlikely ally into Swan’s life. But is it too late for the stone lighthouse?

2014. Marine archaeologist Mari Adams's attempts to fund her search for the notorious SS Californian are realized when she accepts a job to find the remains of Swan Light, rumored to have collapsed into the sea one hundred years ago. She teams up with salvager Julian Henry, and the pair unearth more than they bargained for in their search for the ruins. But when a group of treasure hunters threatens their mission, their hunt for the truth turns dangerous.

As past and present collide, the secrets hiding on the ocean floor begin to surface. Can Mari find the answers she is looking for—and at what price?"

I absolutely loved this novel about shipwrecks and a beloved lighthouse, not far from the Titanic wreck. I finished Swan Light just before the recent Titan submersible implosion tragedy, and the education and insights I gained from the book helped me to understand the circumstances, risks and appeal of the deep sea dive. This debut novel from author Phobe Rowe was filled with colorful, compelling characters, and I could barely put it down each time I picked it up. Highly recommended!

"'She told me about a deed she once gave your brother Nico,' Cort said. "If it were rightfully returned to the bank, we'd consider funding the relocation of the lighthouse.' Caution turned to anger at her nerve."

Paperback 270 pages, Audiobook about 9 hours


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