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The Little Encyclopedia of Jewish Culture

From soup (Matzo Ball) to nuts (The Marx Brothers) The Little Encyclopedia of Jewish Culture is a fun read for anyone who might like to learn more about Jewish food, folklore, icons and trivia. Author Mathew Klickstein writes succinctly and each little page of the Encyclopedia is packed with delicious bites of whimsy and wisdom. His pages reveal largely unknown details on subjects such as Brisket and Blintzes, Fairfax and Fiddler, with short and sometimes surprising profiles of Jewish celebrities, scientists, artists, athletes and intellectuals. The Little Encyclopedia of Jewish Culture would make a great Chanukah gift if you order now!

"Live Long and Prosper
Jewish blessing synonymous with Commander...Spock's 'Vulcan Salute'....The saying was likely borrowed from Deuteronomy 5:33's 'so that you may live and prosper.' Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry granted [Leonard] Nimoy free rein to embrace his Jewish heritage, which led Nimoy to pair the words with the Cohanim hand gesture...."

Paperback, 145 pages


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