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The Tuesday Night Survivors' Club

Besides being a book fanatic, I am also a composer! So I tend to hear plot lines as musical pieces. Weird, I know. Sometimes I like to record pieces to go along with my books. Here's my first installment of #IfThisBookWereASong for you. If This Book Were A Song, it would sound like this:

I recently came upon the term “cozy mystery” which I take to mean, a gentle crime novel that doesn’t keep you up at night! I thought I might like to read one, so I chose The Tuesday Night Survivors’ Club because I’m a sucker for stories that take place in a bookstore!

Rarity Jones is a breast cancer survivor. Her boyfriend Kevin had left her during her treatment in St. Louis, and when she is declared cancer-free, Rarity decides to make her dream come true. She moves to Sedona to open a bookstore called The Next Chapter, near her old best girlfriend Sam’s crystal shop. To start building a community in her new town, Rarity starts a book club called The Tuesday Night Survivors’ Club, for cancer-survivors who want to read books together and share their cancer journeys. No sooner does the group form than one member, a crusty woman named Martha, goes missing. A local policeman named Drew discovers that Martha has left her beloved Yorkshire Terrier, Killer, alone, and enlists Rarity’s help to take care of Killer as he investigates Martha’s disappearance. She and her book club friends fall in love with the yorkie:

“Killer was perched between them, so when one stopped petting him to talk, the other one would pick up the slack. The dog had skills.”

Rarity, Sam and the book club members are worried about Martha and start doing some investigating on their own, starting with a local spa that doesn’t feel quite legit. The book club members grow close as they share their discoveries, and Sam and Rarity find themselves drawn to Drew and his friend Archer, a local hiking tour guide.

A cancer survivor herself, author Lynn Cahoon’s descriptions of these cancer survivors’ experiences ring true. Still, The Tuesday Night Survivors’ Club is mostly a light-hearted read, perfect for fans of whodunnits on a summer vacation.

Paperback 175 pages, Audiobook 7 hours.


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