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This Time Tomorrow

Alice is turning 40. She has great friends and a job she enjoys, but her beloved writer father who has raised her as a single parent, is dying, and she is questioning some of the choices she has made throughout her life:

"If she'd had rules, or a curfew, or a parent who grounded her when he found drugs...maybe she could have gone to Yale...and moved to France and done something, anything."

After going on a birthday bender Alice makes her way to her father's house, then wakes up the next morning in her 16-year-old body on the day of her 16th birthday. Through her time travel she gets to know and appreciate her father more deeply as a younger man:

"...She'd been wrong. He was afraid, too. And happier to stay close to what had worked, rather than risk it all on something new."

Alice also gets to try doing some things with people whom she hadn't fully explored her first time around, including her high school crush, Tommy:

"He had a Nirvana poster on one wall...and a poster of a Ferrari right next to it, which was the whole problem, really."

I thoroughly enjoyed every page of This Time Tomorrow by Emma Straub which is fun, intelligent and philosophical; it's an approachable and compelling read, that digs into the gathered wisdom of maturity.

This Time Tomorrow is another of the recently published wonderful magical realism books involving time travel such as One Italian Summer, Fifty in Reverse, Before the Coffee Gets Cold, The Midnight Library, and Oona Out of Order.

You can click to order This Time Tomorrow below, or better yet, visit your local bookshop and pick up a copy! This book is extremely popular right now, and is appearing on every bestseller list, so I'm sure you will find it. Have a Happy Father's Day weekend, and Happy Reading! Best, Gaili

Hardcover 320 pages, Audiobook 8 1/2 hours, and narrated by the delightful Marin Ireland

P.S. I would love to hear about what you are reading! Leave a comment below and give us some recommendations!


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