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Finished reading Weather by Jenny Offill on Kindle, as the rain started pouring down here in Southern California (where we LOVE the rain!)

"Young person worry: What if nothing I do matters? Old person worry: What if everything I do does?"

Weather is not really a novel, it is musings on librarian Lizzie's dysfunctional family of origin, her library patrons, and on the desperate situation of climate change. Besides her library gig, Lizzie agrees to answer mail for an old mentor's podcast called "Hell and High Water" and finds herself trying to help everyone around her to cope with their needs and fears, while she copes with her own fear of impending disaster. Jenny Offill's book is funny, intelligent, and timely. To her question in Weather:

"What will disappear from stores first?" We could answer, "toilet paper!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5 on Goodreads (see our group Ripe Reads for lots of recs!) Hardcover 224 pgs, Audiobook 3 hrs 46 minutes.


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