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Welcome to Ripe Reads!

I am Gaili Schoen, 61-year-old joyfully voracious reader living in southern California. At any given time I am listening to an audio book while hiking, reading my Kindle in bed, and enjoying a hard cover in a Cafe with a cuppa matcha latte. I swoon in bookstores and libraries, and secretly collect bookish accessories - enamel pins, book bags and bookish photos. There are so many great books out there (and some not so great ones), but as I attempt to age gracefully I am most interested in reading stories about mature adults. I will be posting reviews of new and previously published contemporary fiction, as well as some exceptional non-fiction titles that I think might interest you. Please feel free to leave comments and questions, as well as suggestions of books that you love that fit with our theme. I will also be posting bookstore photos, #shelfies and other aspects of book culture on my Instagram and Facebook Accounts: @RipeReads. Checkout our Ripe Reads group on Goodreads too: Thanks for joining me! Best book wishes, Gaili


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